Movement Drawing #26


Movement Drawing #26

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  • Movement Drawing #26
  • Medium: Graphite on Strathmore paper
  • Size: 17" x 14"
  • Year: 2017


"I am an embodied being."

I had no idea what that phrase meant one year ago. Now, it is a central truth in my life. My memories, my emotional past, my presence right *now* is writ into the whole of me, not just the neurons of my brain. I have come to understand this through work involving dance, bioenergetics, yoga and other forms of movement. It has been a very painful, and ecstatic year.

The movement drawings are my marks, made as my body acts without consulting my brain. Sometimes I make them while holding yoga poses, or dancing to music, or while I am raging.

Always, I am allowing them to become, and then to just be, exactly as they are.  

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